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Corporate & Incentive Travel

Many moments are combined to create your event. Bertran photographs situations such as these to help inspire your team!


Arrivals & Registration: Capture your attendees' excitement as they arrive & the fun begins!


Activities and Excursions: Record the spectacular experiences of the incentive event. We can join you on land or sea excursions as varied as horseback riding to golf, kayaking or snorkeling, to make sure you don't miss the magic.


Business Meetings and Guest Speakers: Many incentive events also have a business purpose. Documenting meetings and speakers helps employees focus on company goals for the upcoming year and connects attendees to the organization.


Receptions: After a day of business meetings and/or excursions, attendees love to unwind and socialize. Capture them catching up old friends and connecting with new ones.


Couples photos: Capture that special occasion with the significant other, it probably will not has happened without them. We handle, digital files or prints.


Team Building: Nothing motivates more than a little friendly competition! Kelli will help you show off the winners and build competitive spirit for next year's rivalry.


Awards Ceremony and Team Photos: Celebrating accomplishments with teammates is a special moment, especially for teams that rarely interact face to face! Group photos help document success and build lasting relationships.

The “Little” Details: We understand how much work goes into the details that make an event. We'll capture the small things that make big moments - and motivate attendees to come back year after year.

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